Business Planning Advice for 2012

For many business owners, this week is one where they will sit back and relax assuming not much happens between Christmas and New Years Day. I am working today and will work through Wednesday, before taking off a few days for a much needed getaway.  I want to encourage you to take this week to reflect on 2011 because what you learn by analyzing your activities and results will help launch you into an amazing 2012.  I did this last week and I already know the following:

1. All of the sources of my business (and what percent each contributed to my bottom line.)

2. How many clients were served, and the percentage of growth.

3. What my #1 source of business was; and I have already thanked them profusely.

4. What percentage of my business came from Web Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

5. Who I need to follow up with in 2012 (the list of prospects that did not close business  in 2011.)

6. Roughly how much money I made (December’s not over yet, but I do know it’s my biggest month of the year!)

Armed with this information, I am able to go into January feeling very prepared, and not like I have to get a game plan for 2012. My game plan is perpetual because I plan the business out in advance and re-evaluate along the way during the month.

If you need any help with business planning for 2012 or even analyzing your results from 2011, please contact me and I would be happy to discuss how I, or one of my colleagues, might be able to help you achieve the success you deserve in 2012.

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