Everyone Needs a Coach, How About You?

Some of the most successful people in the world would tell you that one of the secrets to their success is having good mentors and coaches. For example, professional athletes have coaches and those coaches help groom them into multi-million dollar empires.

Most of all, if you are trying to accomplish something you have never done before, having a coach who has either successfully accomplished the goal, or successfully coached someone to that goal would be a big help. On a personal level, if you have a goal of losing 100 pounds, chances are you don’t have either the skills, knowledge, or self discipline to make that happen.  Hiring a trainer or fitness coach will help you reach this goal by showing you the simple steps to making it happen.  At my gym, the wall is plastered with people who have been successful losing weight with the fitness coaches. This includes people who have successfully lost over 100 pounds.   In fact, my gym’s motto is “Results ARE typical” (as opposed to most diet plans who are required to disclaim that the results are not typical).

So let’s get back to your business. Have you earned your first $1,000,000 yet? If not, do you have a plan to make it happen? I can tell you it is not as hard as it would seem, but it does require a realistic plan, hard work, focus, determination, proper mindset, and accountability. Once you earn your first million, you will realize that the second and third are much easier. Why? Because not only have you developed a plan, but now you have a new mindset. Before, you didn’t really think you could do it, but once you saw it, your mindset changed and then you KNEW you could do it. If your business coach helped you accomplish your goal and changed your mindset in the process, it would prove to the one of the best investments in your business you ever made.

There are two principles here. The first is you will likely do better with a coach, even if it just someone to hold you accountable to reach your goals. A good coach will actually fire you as a client instead of just taking your money if the relationship is not working out.  If week after week you just don’t make time, or are not doing what you said you would, then you clearly are not ready for success and your coach should let you go (if they have integrity). The second principle is mindset. I will tell you that by changing your mindset alone, you will accomplish more than you’d think. It is the subconscious mind that often holds us back. Changing that will change your destiny.

I wish you the success you deserve!


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