The Biggest Mistake People Are Making on Social Media According to Mark Cuban

When I first read the similarly titled Inc article featuring Mark Cuban, I was curious to hear what he had to say about social media. Given my perspective (marketing) I expected to hear about some failure in process or strategy, but Mark’s concerns are primary focuses on protecting your digital footprint. Below is an excerpt from the article, but I encourage you to click through and listen to his interview.

The digital profiles generated by social-media accounts and text messaging will one day “put Minority Report to shame,” says entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

“People are starting to realize that our privacy is disintegrating,” he tells

via Mark Cuban: The Big Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making on Social Media |

In the video, Cuban discusses two of his current projects that address the “eternal digital footprint”by deleting social media history. These two projects are Xpire and Cyber Dust.

I’d love to hear your thoughts after listening to the interview, so feel free to comment below after you’ve watched it.


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