Why You Don’t Need a Website

Amidst all of the hype about online marketing and social media marketing, it would seem odd for someone to say you don’t need a website.  Truth be told, they are spot on.  The goal in business is getting enough paying customers and turning enough profits with those customers to meet your businesses financial goals.  If you can do this without a website, then so be it.

A bigger problem comes when a company thinks they have to have a website, so they build one on a “free site builder” template and now you have people who might have done business with them, feel like they are dealing with a company that is struggling because they could not afford to pay a professional to put up a website (which can be done in many cases for $500 or less).

Should most businesses have a website? Absolutely! People will want to learn more about your company even it the web is not how you acquire customers and this is a great way to get your information in front of them as quickly as possible.  At a minimum, you would want to claim the dot com domain name for your business so no one else can. And if you do, spend $200 to have a nice one page brochure built for the company.

Last night I was at one of the largest networking events in Phoenix (the quarterly Networking Phoenix mixer) and I met a guy who I was interested in doing business with.  I took a look at his website and that pretty much ended any interest in their company based on what I saw. Some might think that’s unfair, but I call it protecting your reputation by only doing business with companies that project a professional image. In particular, this company is in the financial arena and my company could be liable for any damages to our customers that would do business with them. Yet, another factor to keep in mind when considering new business alliances.

If you need any resources to affordable and quality web providers, do not hesitate to contact me. Have a great day!

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